Story Revolution

Stories have been around forever.

Think of a good story you’ve heard in the last few months, or even years. A childhood bedtime story, a wonderful novel, a humorous story, a great movie, a catchy song, or a captivating story told in a presentation or sermon….

Now think of a few statistics about any important issue you’ve heard in the last few weeks. Which one came easiest? Of course… it’s the story. Great stories stick in our head and hearts. We can’t shake them. People forget facts, but they never forget a great story! Captivating stories teach us, persuade us, and even define us. Stories have the power to impact, capture and change us like few things can. Could it be that this is why Jesus chose to tell stories?


God wrote the Bible as:







Global Seed Planters has formed a ministry called, Story Revolution. We are firmly convinced that God created us to learn about ourselves and Him through stories. In the beginning of time, from the foundation of Creation, God had a plan. His deep desire was that everyone one in the world would come to know Him and enjoy friendship with Him. How would He accomplish this desire? I believe He chose to create us in such a way that we would discover Him through a series of eternal stories that He recorded in the Bible. These are His stories…for all people for all time so we can come to know Him, love Him and obey Him.

Story Workshops

We have created a 1 day workshop to train pastors, ministry leaders, and others in this revolutionary, interactive Bible discovery method that engages the mind and the heart to bring lasting transformation. Contact us to learn about how your church or community can host a workshop to learn this Interactive Bible Discovery method that is sure to revolutionize your church.)


“This is the most practical ministry tool that I have seen in all my years of ministry. I wish I would have had this training when I started as a pastor. I know it would have made a significant difference in my own life and ministry. Christian leaders ask themselves the question, “How can I get people more excited about the Bible?” This is it! I love this method because it gets people engaged in God’s Word in a way that captures their head and their heart. It truly does make disciples and that is what ministry is all about.” – Tom Horton, Director of Rural Church Youth Ministries

“We have been using storytelling since we got back from the workshop. God has done some amazing things in our church. We have used it in every Bible study and youth group session since we returned and our students are loving it! When I shared this with the adult class, they enjoyed the time so much, that they asked me to teach an adult Sunday school class using only the story telling method. As you can see, this a great tool for students and adults alike.” -Aaron Rutledge, Associate Pastor at Living Faith Community Church

“Telling God’s stories with this method engages students to think deeply about the heart of God and motivates them to see and share insights they discover in Scripture like few other things I have ever tried. We have been using it for a few years now with incredible results. Now my whole church family is embracing this as our sole small group method of making disciples and lovers of God’s Word.” – Pastor Steve Greime