Story Revolution


“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”
– Steve Jobs- Founder of Apple

God wrote the Bible as:

Narrative or Stories


Experts agree that 67% of people in the world can’t, don’t or prefer not to read. That means over 5.2 BILLION people in our world do not want to learn by reading. People prefer to listen and watch. Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.” Storytelling is literally changing the way we do missions.


We help people all over the world see God and the Bible in a whole new, unforgettable, life changing way. We engage people in a storytelling experience like Jesus did. We tell his stories and ask thought provoking questions that lead to lively discussions.


We provide a 1-2 Day Workshop training pastors, key church leaders or mission organizations in the Story Revolution method. We keep it small, 20-25 people, because it is a training, coaching, hands on, learn to do it experience. Our goal is multiplication. We want to train leaders who will implement this life changing method and then train others who will then train others. It’s working! The movement is growing faster than we can keep up.


We have been training leaders in the United States and all over the world in
the Story Revolution for 10 years.

  • We currently have trained leaders in
    over 30 nations.
  • Pastors and leaders in over 200 interdenominational churches across America have received training and are implementing it in their churches.
  • Developed Oral Bible School Curriculum for over 2 billion illiterate people in the world.
  • Those who have been trained and implemented the Story Revolution say the same thing, “I have never seen anything in all my ministry years that gets people excited about the Bible and transforms their lives.

The Story Revolution

Become part of the global story movement that is changing the world-one person, one church, one community at a time.