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We Plant

Workers in Asia and Africa

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Because the greatest need is HERE.

We Plant

2/3 of the world are illiterate and
waiting to hear God’s Stories.

Story Tellers & Solar Players

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We plant churches in remote villages.

villages in the world are without a single church.

Over 1 Million

Church Planting

We Plant

To the ends of the earth.

The World is waiting...

Come PLANT With Us.

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Current Mission Initiatives

Operation Unreached

Over 2 billion of people in the world have never had even one chance to hear about Jesus. Operation Unreached supports indigenous Christian leaders working in restricted areas, providing training, resources and monthly support.

Sister Acts

Being a woman or girl in much of the world is horrendous in countless ways. Sister Acts transforms the lives of oppressed women and girls in the darkest, rural communities of the world through the love of Jesus.

Story Revolution

A staggering 67% of people in our world don’t read. The Story Revolution provides resources and training to engage people in a captivating, discussion-based Bible storytelling method that compels them to explore a relationship with God.

About Us

Church Planting

Over 1 million villages in the world are without a single Christian church. The hope of the world is a Jesus centered, local church in every village of the world.

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Our Vision & Values

Jesus is the center of everything we do. Our vision, mission and values are all focused on Him and His plan to transform the world.

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Where We Work

Only five pennies out of every $100 spent on missions goes to this desperately needy area where 90% of the world’s poorest people live.

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Changing Lives

Our world desperately needs change. Real change begins with changed hearts and lives. We believe only Jesus can transform lives, families, communities and nations.

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How You Can Help

Indigenous Support

What is the best way to reach the most difficult places and people in the world with the Gospel? We believe it is through supporting local, Christian leaders within their own country. If you are passionate about reaching the rest of the people in the world for Jesus, this is it!

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Sanitary Supplies for Girls

Do you know the number one reason why girls in third world countries fail to complete their education? You won’t believe the answer. It is because they get their period. That’s outrageous! We have a simple way to change that.
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Solar Players

Can you imagine not having any access to a Bible? Over 4,000 people groups in the world have no Bible. On top of that, 67% of the people in the world don’t read. How will they ever learn about God? We have a great solution.

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