Operation Unreached



Jesus said, “I came to seek and to save the lost.” He left us with Great Commission, the command to make His name, His stories, His message the #1 priority of our lives until everyone, everywhere has heard about Him. He said to them:

“Go everywhere in the world. Tell the good news to everyone.” Mark 16:15


We are passionate about bringing the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the earth in the geographical region referred to as the 10/40 window. Our focus is to give Communists, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims a chance to meet Jesus.


We provide monthly support for 140 Indigenous leaders targeting 70 unreached people groups in 4 restricted nations. Western missionaries have little to no access in the regions we work in. The workers we support have several advantages over supporting western missionaries. They have the home field advantage, speak several languages, understand the culture and religion, and have no visa, travel or furlough expenses.


Together, in 2020, we accomplished so much! We are so grateful for our growing team of partners who generously invest in this work. Together we are making a huge impact.

  • 262 New House Church Were Planted in Villages in 4 Restricted Asian Countries.
  • 3,118 New Believers in 4 Restricted Asian Countries Experienced New Life in Christ Through The Tireless Work of the 140 Indigenous Missionaries Who We Support Each Month.
  • 9,915 New Believers Put Their Faith in Jesus in China As a Result of the Printing and Distribution of 3,305 Bibles. Now These Christians Were Able to Share God’s Word With Their Family, Friends and Neighbors.

You can help support an indigenous missionary through Global Seed Planters for only $25 per month.

For $100 a month you can help support 4 indigenous missionaries through Global Seed Planters.

$50 will get a new Bible into the hands of 25 new believers.

Together, we can bring the Good News more efficiently and effectively to the ends of the earth in places we could never go ourselves.

Join us in fulfilling the Great Commission.