Sister Acts



Jesus has a very tender place in His heart for marginalized women and girls. Being a woman or girl in many parts of the third world is overwhelming and almost unbearable: the grind of daily life, prejudice and discrimination, lack of education, illiteracy, horrible living conditions, slave labor jobs with low pay, sexual abuse, early marriages, and poor or non-existent health care.


Sister Acts transforms the lives of vulnerable women and girls by focusing on practical solutions that impact their daily lives. We have identified 25 simple, life changing solutions in 5  basic categories that impact a woman or girl’s life every single day.


We partner with the local church, Christian organizations and leaders to be the extension of the love of JESUS in practical ways, serving the most marginalized women and girls in their communities.


Because of the partnership and support of so many with Global Seed Planters this past year:

  • 1,071 Households Received Mercy Bags of Food Totaling 20 Tons of Food and Feeding 5,707 People for an Entire Month in the Most Critical Time of the COVID Crisis in Uganda.
  • 12 Rural Villages Experienced Community Transformation Through Wells for Clean Water and Sustainable, Agricultural Development. We also provided 450 matoke (green banana) suckers or 1 acre of matoke in each of the 12 villages for food security and income. Total planted- 5,400.
  • 700 Girls Received Sanitary Supply Kits to Deliver Them from Shame and Empower Them to Stay in School for 3 More Years.
  • 50 Elderly Widows Slept in Comfort for the First Time in Their Lives Because of the Gift of Beds and Blankets for Them.

For only $25 per month or $300 per year YOU can make an eternal difference in the lives of vulnerable women and girls, who will be in heaven someday because you gave to reach them.