Why Invest in Women? What We Believe

Being a woman or girl in many parts of the third world is no easy task. The grind of daily life, the force of prejudice, poor education and illiteracy, difficult living conditions, non-existent or low paying jobs, sexual abuse, early marriages, and limited access to medical care all make life almost unbearable for her.

We seek to empower and champion the valiant efforts of women around the world through simple acts of kindness…one sister to another.

Sister Acts believes one of the best ways to change the world is through women and girls! We believe that women form the backbone of their communities in almost every poor village of the world. They bear the children, work in the fields, toil in the house, raise the kids, and in more ways than one are truly the “keepers of the flame.” It can certainly be said of them, “The one who rocks the cradle, or swaddles the baby on her back, rules the world.”

Sister Acts is a brand new initiative that is being launched in the poorest areas of the world. It is an international, grass-roots, volunteer driven organization motivated by the common bond that women around the world share. Sister Acts transforms the lives of vulnerable women and girls by partnering with local churches, Christian organizations, or Christian leaders to be an extension of the love of Jesus in practical ways as we serve the needs of the neediest women and girls in their community.

Sister Acts will expand in the world in the countries that we serve by helping to establish local chapters who become a community based expression of compassionate arm of care and support to needy women and girl. Each local chapter will seek to become self-governing, self-supporting and self-propagating.