Meet Diane Brask

Diane Brask: Founder and Director of GSP

IMG_3080I am a no-nonsense country girl who grew up on a dairy farm in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. Everything about who I am and what I do is country, through and through. I have spent my life working in small towns and communities of rural areas in America and in very, remote, rural areas in other parts of the world. I like to get out of town…way out! I am all about the ends of the earth. My passion is unreached, forgotten, or overlooked people groups in the most difficult, neglected places of the world.

My Dad loved his job. He always said that there was nothing he would rather be than a farmer. One of his favorite times of year was springtime. He loved it when winter gave up her cold grip to the warmth of the spring sunshine. He loved to see the snow melt and the ground thaw. There were few things in life he enjoyed more than preparing the soil for seed planting time. The pungent smell of the earth, the feel of the dirt in his hands, and straight rows neatly planted gave him great joy. He was like a little boy at Christmas every time he saw the miracle of seedlings beginning to sprout and break through the surface of the soil. Yes, my Dad was a seed planter.

My Mom was also a seed planter. She loved to garden. She studied seed catalogs in the dead of winter, carefully selecting just the right ones for the challenging growing season of northern Wisconsin. Every spring she prepared the soil to receive all the vegetable seeds that she would plant for food for her family. Like Dad, Mom worked hard in her gardens-plowing, planting, cultivating and weeding. It was all about the harvest for Mom as well. She was gathering and storing up healthy, great tasting food for her family for the whole year. My Mom was a seed planter.

My farm background gave me some great lessons for life: trust God, work hard, love your neighbors, don’t be afraid to try something new, live within your means, and measure your harvest!

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters to a farmer or a gardener is results. How much milk is in the milk tank? How many bushels of corn were picked per acre? How many bales of hay are stored in the hay mow? How many pints and quarts of vegetables have been canned or frozen. Yes, farmers and gardeners are hard workers, but hard work is pointless to them unless they have something to show for it.

Jesus certainly cared about results too. He said there are four kinds of soil that we could plant in-hard, rocky, thorny and good soil. I find it interesting that He also said there were four kinds of fruit that come from the soil we plant seed in-no fruit, some fruit, more fruit, and much fruit. Everyone who plants seed, works hard to prepare the soil because he lives for the harvest.

Any farmer knows he can only do so much. He does not have an ordinary job. His job is a partnership with God “who made the heavens and the earth and send the rain to water the land and the sun to warm the soil.” A farmer knows that he can plant and nurture but only God can make a seed grow.

Global Seed Planters understands the principles of nature and the principles of God in sowing and reaping. Jesus was a seed planter and He wants us to be seed planters in the world too. He desires that ultimately we will bear much fruit and He wants that fruit to remain. His bottom line is people who love Him, follow Him and obey Him. This is why we plant seeds!

Would you like to be a Global Seed Planter too? Come grow with us. The fields of the world are waiting.

Diane Brask
Global Seed Planters