Our team of five from Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are finally home from our trip to Uganda. It has taken awhile to recover and have time to catch up on the blog so we can fill you in on some of the unforgettable stories we experienced.

Through the faithful partnership of so many individuals and churches we were able to: launch two new Bible schools in northern Uganda and South Sudan; distribute 160 audio solar players in four different languages; open up nearly 100 more acres of land for the farmers this growing season; help train 85 people on how to run successful small businesses; provide new kitchen stoves for 75 women; begin family gardens by providing garden tools and ten varieties of vegetable seeds for 60 families; minister in several churches and ministry organizations; and bring healing and hope to those who were hospitalized.

Please take some time to go through the blog and read the stories that are of particular interest to you. Click on the tabs at the top of the blog for more information about this ministry, answers to possible questions you may have, and ways you can get involved. This is a new blog so please do me a favor and share it with your friends too.

Thanks for allowing us to share our trip to Uganda with you.

And thanks so much for your prayers. They made a world of difference!