This was a trip intentionally filled with the clear message that God is building His Kingdom with the people of northern Uganda and South Sudan. I am a firm believer that the Gospel Jesus taught and modeled was both the Good News of proclamation and the Good News of demonstration. His ministry was not only the Great Commission; it was also the Great Commandment. He did not just say, “God loves you!” He demonstrated God’s love for the people by acts of kindness and compassion. He preached good news to the poor. He delivered people from oppression. He healed the sick. And he brought comfort to the broken-hearted.

But faith almost always starts by hearing. The Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Hearing the Word is absolutely essential for the people of northern Uganda and South Sudan. The vast majority of them cannot read. Because of decades of war, most people have been deprived the right to an education. So illiteracy is unusually high in both of these countries. Many of them will never have the privilege of reading a Bible. There is also a big shortage of well trained pastors to lead them.

The Apostle Paul was right when he said, “How can they believe in the one of whom they have never heard?” So that begs the question, “What can we do to make sure more people in Uganda and South Sudan have the chance to hear of God’s love in their own language?”

That is why we made a decision to partner with The God’s Story Project and give people a chance to hear the Gospel through this wonderful tool. God’s Story is really a series of 18 Bible stories chain-linked in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation. It gives the listener a panoramic overview of Scripture. It clearly reveals the “big picture” theme of Scripture that God has always had a plan to save the world and provide a way for people to be in relationship with Him.

These stories are made available for people living in remote places of the world through a wonderful audio solar player. There is no need for batteries or electricity because the power of the sun keeps them fully charged. We think it is an amazing way to answer the question that the Apostle Paul asked, “How can they believe in the one of whom they have never heard.” Over 2 billion people in the world have never clearly heard the Good News of Jesus love for them. But now through the marvelous gift of technology, those who have been cut off from the Gospel can have a chance to hear!! How cool is that!

So we made a serious investment and spent $3,000 on solar players to bring to Uganda and South Sudan in the 4 primary languages that the people speak. Each solar player cost about $20 so we had nearly 150 players to distribute between our partners. South Sudan is an especially tough place so our partners, Robert and Justin, received about 100 players. The rest of the players for Uganda were divided between our farmers, Momma Molly’s jewelry ladies, Pastor Willy and the church in Unyama, and Pastor Martin’s church in Gulu.

Each of the audio player coordinators is responsible for the distribution of the players and tracking the results to see how many people listen to the stories and how many decide to follow Jesus as a result of hearing the Gospel through this creative, cost efficient method. We can hardly wait to hear the reports and pass them on to you.