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What is Under the Tree

Under the Tree is a non-profit company that seeks to empower women by providing opportunities for sustainable employment in Uganda, Africa. With handcrafted jewelry and art, women are breaking the cycle of poverty and supporting their families and community.

How it works?

Under the Tree works with a group of approximately 40 women who live in Uganda. These women create beautiful handcrafted goods that are purchased at a fair price by Under the Tree and sold in the US. The items are sold at local stores, coffee shops and online. All of the proceeds go directly back to the women who create the jewelry for their wages, clean and safe work conditions and expenses in order to sustain the business.

How it’s Made

All the jewelry is made from recycled paper. The paper is hand rolled into individual beads and then given a coat of jewelry finish in order to make the beads sturdy and water resistant. The strings of beads are hung from the tree in order to sun dry.

Our Name

The name Under the Tree was inspired by the African women who were able to leave back-breaking physical work to sit under a shaded tree and craft jewelry. Our name now tells their story and reminds us of how it all started… Under the Tree.