Operation Unreached

Our leaders work in 5 restricted countries

  •  140 Indigenous leaders working in rural villages in 5 restricted Asian nations
  • Working in 50 unreached ethnic groups where Western missionaries have little access
  • Our work includes several Training Centers focused exclusively on training leaders to effectively reach ethnic minorities

Monthly support of an additional workers

  • 19 workers, all believers from various Muslim backgrounds
  • Our workers are focused on 7 different Muslim people groups
  • We also help support a training center to equip leaders to reach Muslims

Report: The results have been amazing!

  • 3,000 people have put their faith in Jesus
  • The leaders we support have started over 110 new churches
  • We are helping support 3 Training Centers raising up leaders to work exclusively among unreached minorities

The home field advantage

I hope you are encouraged by this exciting report of what God is doing through these well equipped leaders from within their own country. Most of them are working among their own people group with the “home field” advantage over foreign missionaries in many ways.

They speak the language, understand the culture and customs, like the food, and are aware of the unique health challenges that each area faces. The payoff is huge when you invest in these indigenous or national leaders.

The average cost to support a foreign missionary:

$90,000 per year

The cost to support an indigenous leader working in their own nation:

$300 per year!

Local workers do not have the burdens of many foreign workers like…

• Passports and visas
• Overseas flights and furloughs
• Expenses for an international move
• Language school
• Setting up a home

Support local workers

It is time to expand this fruitful workGlobal Seed Planters has recently been challenged to expand our support to indigenous workers in two other Asian nations. The research has been done and effective Christian leaders within these countries have been identified.
Please partner with GSP to reach people in Asia for Christ. I encourage you to begin your monthly investment in Asia this month. Donate now and begin to help one of our partners share the good news of Jesus with people who have never heard before.