How did you choose the name, Global Seed Planters?

Several years ago, I went to a remote area, deep in the interior of a restricted country to meet in secret with a group of Christian leaders. At one point in our meeting, I asked the key leader of our group, “What is the number one need you have in order to more effectively reach people for Christ?” His response was, “Seeds!” At that point, I opened my suitcase to reveal about 50 packages of vegetable seeds and then turned to him and said, “Then perhaps Sir, these must be for you!”  He immediately burst into tears and explained, “This is a miracle and an answer to prayer. God led us to pray for seeds and you brought them.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Is Global Seed Planters part of any one church or denomination?

No, we are not. We believe Jesus intended His family to be a global family…free from man made walls or barriers. So we intentionally are non-denominational or interdenominational, working with any churches that share a kindred spirit, follow Jesus, and are Bible based …both in the United States and with our partners around the world.

What is the ministry background of your Director?

The Director of Global Seed Planters spent her first 20 years in ministry as the Director of a Youth Ministry networking churches of 10 different denominations to work with youth in a rural two county area. Following that, she went on to serve as the Rural Coordinator for the National Network of Youth Ministries for 13 years.  She has also served under International Ministerial Fellowship as an International Ambassador for almost 15 years traveling to over 40 countries with a focus on unreached people groups in remote villages of the world.

Who are your Board of Directors and what is their background in ministry and missions?

See our Board of Director page.

 How is your organization unique from so many other mission organizations?

There are several things that I think set us apart. One, we are very serious about unreached people groups. There are still nearly 7,000 different people groups totaling 2.8 billion people who are considered unreached. Most of them are in the 10/40 window so that is where we are focusing most of our efforts and resources. Secondly, we seek to partner with indigenous, local leaders in the countries we serve in. We believe that is just more strategic and a better use of our funds. And third, we intentionally seek to focus our energies on rural villages of the world that are often overlooked and forgotten, yet about half of the world’s population is rural.

Do you have a statement of faith for your organization?

See our statement of faith.

What role does prayer play in your ministry?

Prayer is the fuel that provides the energy for all we do in Global Seed Planters. It is central in our organization both in America and in the lives and ministries of the leaders we partner with around the world. We have a growing team of prayer partners who receive our prayer updates every month. We call these updates our Kneemails because the best way to go forward is on our knees. We invite you to become a part of our Prayer Team and sign up right now.

How important is accountability in your organization?

In our ministry relationships, both here in the United States, as well as with our global partners, we require what we refer to as the 4 r’s in our work together: Records, Receipts, Reports and Results. In an age of corruption and economic upheaval in business and government, as well as church and ministry organizations around the world, we feel it is imperative that we raise the bar and operate by higher standards of accountability, transparency, and integrity.

What is the scope of your ministry and what are some of your ministry accomplishments?

The Director of GSP has been to over 40 nations building relationships and collaborative efforts with local leaders in those countries. Work in the past  has included: building an orphanage for 400 children in India; building a dormitory and classrooms for a Bible School in Mexico; helping to start 200 Bible Schools in a restricted country; training leaders in Bible Storytelling in over 25 nations; helping farmers in northern Uganda with agricultural development in a Village Resettlement Project; working with widows to support their families through small businesses; providing monthly support to 50 Asian workers targeting unreached people groups; and using Audio Bible Solar Players in numerous countries we work in as a means to reach illiterate people in remote areas that are hungry to hear the Good News of Jesus in their own language. This is all done through our faithful friends and financial partners and a wide network of relationships with churches and other ministries and mission organizations.

How does the office side of Global Seed Planters work?

I have hired an Executive Assistant part-time. But we also have a contract with International Ministerial Fellowship (IMF) based out of Minneapolis, MN to do much of our back end office work. They are a solid organization with a long track record of excellent service for missionaries. They will be receiving money, receipting donors, keeping records, maintaining our database, doing mailings and sending out our newsletters.

How is your organization funded?

Our entire ministry, from salaries, to travel, to ministry projects is based entirely on the faithfulness of God as he prompts people to give. We are supported entirely on donations that come from the generosity of family, friends, churches, businesses and Christian Foundations that believe in our work. We are so thankful to have a team of supporters that have been growing every year.

If someone wanted to make a donation to Global Seed Planters, how would they do that?

Giving to the work of Global Seed Planters is simple. You can give by check, by Credit Card, over the phone by calling our office, or online.

Is Diane Brask, the Director of Global Seed Planters available to speak at our church or organization?

Yes, she is…as her travel and ministry schedule allows. She travels extensively in the United States and internationally speaking at churches, seminars, conferences, missions events, women’s retreats and with youth. She prayerfully considers each invitation before making a commitment. See her speaking page for more information.