Community Development

A Wholistic Approach

Jesus made it clear what He intended for individuals, families and communities when He said, “I have come that you might have life and have it to the fullest.” We often asks ourselves the question, “What would it look like for people in this community to see their lives improved and for them to experience life to the fullest? 

We ask ourselves questions like…

• What needs to change for life to improve in this community?

• What is the best way for that to happen?

• Who are the “change agents” that will bring change to their community?

• How can we best serve them?

• How can we enable them to be self-governing & self-supporting?


Our 4 Goals in Community Development

Faith-based Community Development

We believe life begins with an understanding of God’s love and the life He offers us through Jesus. We work with strong bible believing local churches and partner with faith-based organizations to bring about true community transformation.

Community Capacity Building

We focus on helping communities obtain, strengthen, and maintain their own development goals and objectives through shared local decision making and ownership.

Sustainable Development

We seek to help communities set goals and achieve outcomes that will enable them to become self-sustaining and self-governing.

Model Development

We seek to develop reproducible models of community development that can be reproduced in other communities as well.

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