Here is Hope’s story…The Acholi people in northern Uganda suffered unimaginable horrors at the hands of a terrorist group led by Joseph Kony. Under Kony’s command, 50,000 children were snatched from their villages and tens of thousands of people were raped, assaulted or killed. Although the war ended 10 years ago, the devastating effects of the war continues. This is where Hope was born and raised. And it is where she is living now.

Hope was born on May 5th, 1977. She was the 3rd of 8 children from the same mother and father. But truthfully, she has no idea how many siblings she has because her dad had 7 wives. Hope spent most of her childhood and young adult life living in a small mud hut about 12 feet in diameter with only the bare necessities of life.

At the age of 12, Hope’s Mom and dad abandoned them. Her Dad took off with another woman and her Mom could no longer cope with her life so she left too, leaving Hope to raise 3 of her siblings. Hope found herself in the role of what Ugandans call “a child headed household.” Her formal education ended, she had just finished 5th grade.

At age 17, Hope and her siblings were forced to move to a refugee camp in Pabbo because of the rebel war. But regardless of those seemingly impossible circumstance, Hope was determined to complete her education even if it meant going through the embarrassment of being a 17 year old 6th grader! She stuck with it and finally finished High School at age 23.


Hope and her husband, Pastor Martin

At age 25, Hope married Martin Onen, a man who was going to Bible School to prepare for ministry. In 2011, God called them to pastor a church in Gulu where they have served as leaders for the last 6 years. The church has grown and flourished under their leadership. It has over 1,000 people who attend reach Sunday. Hope works alongside her husband and gives leadership to the Children’s Ministry as well as the Women’s Ministry.

As you can see, we believe that God has uniquely prepared Hope to provide leadership for the Sister Acts Launch in Uganda in February of 2017. She has a strong desire to raise up godly women who will raise up godly children to change her nation. We are honored to have her and her team of outstanding women to partner with as we launch Sister Acts in her nation.

Our Sister Acts Pilot Program

Hope’s Sister Acts Chapter will be identifying the most needy and vulnerable women and children in their communities who will become the beneficiaries of our Sister Acts Pilot Program. Through the course of the year, we desire to move the people we serve from a place of dependence to a place of empowerment and sustainability through a wholistic approach that will bring community transformation.

In our previous blog, we shared about the 5 categories that every woman in Ugandan deals with on a daily basis-Home, Food, health, Education and Work. Hope’s team wants to initially focus on health and food as they are so foundational to everything else in their life.

In the next few blogs, we will be addressing several of the issues we will be confronting as we launch Sister Acts in Uganda in February of 2017, stay tuned…

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