There is an emergency developing in China because of the lack of Bibles available for the house churches. Our Chinese partners  spent a year asking every house church network in the country for details on their need for Bibles. They found that they need a total of 34 million Bibles to meet the immediate needs of the Christians, and many more if providing the Scriptures to enquirers is taken into account.

One city pastor said, “I used to think that Chinese could get all the Bibles they needed. But I was humbled to find out I was so deceived! I’ve lived my whole life in the big cities, but then as I began to work more and more in remote rural areas of China, I found there are hundreds of thousands without access to any Bible!”_xl_bible_a_month_header_china_retouch

One our partners had this to say…

“I know of one believer who went to Nanjing to purchase 1,000 legal Bibles for Christians in his home region. He did buy them and headed home—followed by the police. They handcuffed his hands behind his back and suspended him from the ceiling while they interrogated him, demanding to know where all the Christians live and who their leaders are. Foreigners may have seen him buy the Bibles and they may have formed a favorable impression, but they didn’t see him hanging from the ceiling.”

Requests have been coming in from our Chinese partners. “Can you please help us get more Bibles. Especially for our work in rural areas. They are desperately needed right now.” We are stepping up to the challenge and taking this one. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide at least 6,000 more Bibles. To accomplish this goal we will need to raise $10,800.

Each full Bible we print and deliver inside China costs only $1.80

This is a tremendous opportunity to make an eternal  investment in China. We encourage you to invest now and give as much as you can to meet this need

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